Hearing Care

Marc Colman and Cecile Colman are both hearing impaired, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists, Certified Audioprosthologists, and have been in practice and servicing the hearing impaired, combined for over 65 years.

Please click the link to our web page for a complete listing of the products and services they offer: www.myhearingcenter.com

Colman’s Hearing Solutions offers a complementary hearing and auditory processing evaluation. There are typically two challenges that need to evaluated. First is the need to determine and identify if there is a hearing loss, and second if there is a speech processing difficulty. In order to determine if there is a difficulty detected, the services they offer range from video otoscopic ear examinations, ear wax removal, sales and servicing of a wide of variety of hearing instrument manufactures, along with reprograming of existing hearing instruments, repairing hearing instruments, tinnitus management and auditory training.

Please contact one of the two offices to schedule this complementary evaluation

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