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Gardens Eyecare has partnered with Eye & Ear

We are very pleased to announce another locations now in Palm Beach Gardens! We have partnered with Dr. George Schmidt at Gardens Eyecare located at 9123 N Military Trail Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 office phone # 561-622-8200.

Optical Insight has partnered with Eye and Ear

We at Eye and Ear are very happy to announce that our locations are expanding, We have partnered with Optical Insight in Palm Spring. Eye and Ear is pleased to announce that Dr. Raymond Schwartz, and Dr. Clifford Parker III have now joined our team. They will continue to give the great service to th...[read more]

Specs and Winks has partnered with Eye and Ear

We have a new location that we have partnered with please welcome to our Eye and Ear family Specs & Winks they are located on 175 Toney Penna Dr Jupiter, FL 33458 office phone# 561-745-6464.

How Can Dilated Eye Exams Increase Your Quality of Life?

Studies in the past few years have demonstrated that a simple vision chart eye exam is less meaningful in increasing the quality of life of individuals. Why is this? Because a simple vision chart test will not catch many of the vision disorders or conditions patients may be suffering from. A dila...[read more]

Eat Your Way to Healthier Vision

It’s true that “you are what you eat,” even when it comes to your vision. By choosing foods that are full of powerful nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc as well as vitamin C and E, you can nourish your eyes with what they need to help prevent age-related eye problems. Macu...[read more]

Habits that Hurt Your Eyes

Many people have certain quirks or habits. Many are annoying or bad for you in some way—nail biting, procrastinating, texting while driving…but did you know there are many habits that could also have a negative effect on your eyes? Check out the list below to see if there’s anything you’re d...[read more]

Back to School!

It seems as though summer just began and already it’s nearly time to get ready to go back to school. Have you scheduled your child’s annual eye exam yet? If not, it’s time to do so! Appointment times fill up fast for back-to-school exams, and for good reason. Many parents today understand t...[read more]