Eye & Ear offers a variety of products to enhance your vision. From frame and lens options to contact lens options, we can help you find the product that’s best for you.

No Glare Lenses

At Eye & Ear we are proud to use the highest quality lens products. By using the most modern no-glare range lenses on the market, we are able to offer the most complete protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV reflection. Our no-Glare lenses are the most reliable and technologically advanced protection against visual distractions caused by unwanted reflections, scratches and smudges. With our no-glare lenses you will…

  • Look Better: Clean, clear & glare-free lenses, look virtually invisible to those around you so people see your eyes rather than your glasses.
  • Feel Better: No-glare lenses mean fewer headaches, less eye fatigue caused by overhead light, & computer screens.
  • See Better: Fight Reflection from overhead lights, resist the normal scratches and smudges that come from everyday use, more comfortable nighttime driving by reducing glare from headlights, taillight & streetlights

Transition Lenses

All day your eyes are bombarded by light. All day these lenses adapt to help protect your eyes from fatigue and strain caused by UV light and bright glare outdoors. Indoors they have a comfortable hint of tint to shield your eyes from strain caused by harsh indoor light. Here are some of the advantages to having Transitions Lenses.

  • Fully clear indoors and at night
  • Fast fade back speed
  • Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Fit any prescription and frame
  • Suitable for any age including children


At Eye & Ear we provide the best contact lenses to our patients. You work all day. You deserve a contact lens that provides superior comfort and vision performance. The types of lens you wear will vary according to your lifestyle and visual requirements. Different types of contact lenses and their benefits are found below:

Daily Disposable

These lenses are made to be worn for a day, and then thrown out. Perfect for people who…

  • Don’t have the time to clean their contact lenses
  • Want to use them for sports, or on the weekends
  • Like using glasses, but also like changing their image

Monthly Disposable

These contact lenses are inserted, removed and cleaned every night, and then thrown away after a month. Perfect for people who…

  • Like to wear their lenses EVERY DAY for up to 12-15 hours
  • Don’t mind cleaning and disinfecting their lenses every night
  • Like the convenience of a new pair of lenses every month

Extended Wear

This soft lens allows up to 6 times more oxygen penetration than regular contact lenses. This means they can be worn to sleep and thrown away after 30 days. Perfect for people who…

  • Don’t like inserting and removing contacts lenses
  • Have unpredictable schedules
  • Want to wear their lenses for long periods